A new way to observe the world

Experience Journal is a visual framework that helps you observe and think about spaces around you. It has prompts to guide observation and encourage you to develop your own thought process and methods.

The motivation behind Experience Journal came from two dreams of mine. The first dream was to create a space for people to enjoy: a cafe, restaurant, a little studio, or even a hotel. I wanted a way to constantly collect inspiration and references to apply to my future establishment.

The second dream was to be a better designer. Designers learn from everyday experiences, and I wanted to learn how to digest great experiences into usable insights. I wanted to be more observant and discerning about the world around me and to figure out the patterns and elements that make up a great experience.

Through the habit of keeping a journal you can realize how many great design ideas you can find in everyday life and turn those observations into resources for new design projects. Experience Journal prompts your best creative observations with a sleek, minimal layout. It’s an amazing record of past experiences, more personal and evocative than photographs and writings. You don't need to be a talented artist to enjoy the notebook, as the drawings are intended to act as a personal record rather than polished artwork.

The experience journal consists of 3 parts:

1. Helpful guides

Blank white pages might be intimidating to write or draw on. The journal prompts you with check boxes for detailed elements to help guide you with your first observations.

2. Observe, take notes, think, and repeat
The next part suggests a framework that will open your thought process.

3. Break the frame and explore!
It’s time to think outside of the frame. The third part provides 1/8 inch dot grid for your most creative thoughts flow freely.